March 26, 2018

Veronica [Movie Review]

Veronica [Movie Review]

SPOILERS! We may discuss details and topics from the plot of this film. You have been warned…


Verónica offers a scary story, based on psychological horror more than blood and gore. One may find a lot of symbolisms carefully placed all around the film. Even though it gives us the same old “using the ouija board in a silly way”, what makes Verónica different is its good acting performances and solid cinematography. The protagonist of this surreal story, supposedly based on true events, plays with the ouija board with her friends, trying to contact her deceased father. What she releases is a powerful demon instead, who tries to destroy her and her family. Through various attempts, Verónica (Sandra Escacena) and her three little siblings try to avoid this dark force, while their mother works long shifts out of their house. The evil presence finally gets a grasp of the youngest one, leading her back to their home and facing the demon in a deadly battle to save her family. Even though it doesn’t offer anything new to the table in terms of special effects or plot, it’s an entertaining film worth watching for its good acting performances and imagery.


Sandra Escacena does an amazing work portraying this troubled teenager, who is having issues with her period, while being haunted by the demonic entity. The siblings played by Iván Chavero, Claudia Placer y Bruna González give their best, proving their natural talent. The editing, along with the cinematography, give the audience some memorable creepy images and haunting moments, making this simple production be a fun thriller with horror elements. Don’t expect to have nightmares though…It’s not that scary, but that’s just a matter of opinion.

Due to what we have discussed above, we rate this movie with an 8/10. Stay tuned for more reviews, news, tutorials, and much more on Fotoblogic. If you agree or disagree with our review, please let us know in the comment section below.

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