March 29, 2018

Thoroughbreds [Movie Review]

Thoroughbreds [Movie Review]

Dark humor, thriller and everything else makes this film great.

As I’m sitting in darkened cinema room, while people are getting in late, I wonder what type of movie I’m about to see, what should I expect, but I should’ve known, you should always let yourself be surprised because this film certainly did.

The movie initially sets up Amanda (Olivia Cooke) to be the off centered character, the one that brings chaos into the plot but as the story goes on, we see that she is an influenciar for the true menace, her tutor and estranged childhood friend, Lily (Anya Taylor-Joy). We get to see how these two complement each other for their quest of liberation.

Liberation in the sense of their own obscure perspective of their young emotionally unbalanced or lack off life.

For a relatively first time director and writer Cory Finely, he gives a strong perspective of privileged young adults and their fantasy lives.

It was lovely to see one of the last film performances of Anton Yelchin, his character had great presence and relevance that showcased lack of sanity of Amanda and Lily.

The music here is a standout, a great mix of electronic, operatic and safari vibes through out the film that nourish the suspense of the story.

The film is funny in ways that is not trying to be, that’s the excellence of the writing with the enhancement of the performances.

In all this film is an experience to be witnessed, it’s one of those movies that might go under the radar from the public and mainstream media that ultimately deserves more attention.

Sound off in the comments your perspective of this film and always keep advocating for quality film-making.



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