February 2, 2018

The Shape of Water [Review]

The Shape of Water [Review]

SPOILER ALERT: we may discuss details found in the film. You have been warned.



Love of all types fills the atmosphere of this magnificent movie, that only takes little time to capture the audience and take it deep down onto its plot. The love story of a mute and kind woman who works as a cleaner in a secret government base. She suddenly falls in love with a water creature that has just been brought to this place but has to take action to save it from impending death at the hands of a violent government official. Not only is the acting outstanding, but also the interaction between each character and how the story develops.



The soundtrack drives this movie all the way, giving a classic-peaceful vibe to the viewers. The score is definitely a huge accompaniment to the action sequences and moments of tension as well.



From the wardrobe to the props, to the amazing sets that reveal a little bit of these rich characters. Like pieces of a puzzle, everything fits together thanks to the color palette and performances.



The film does include various nude scenes and sexual interaction as well. Even though it might not be “erotic”, various scenes have this.   Some blood and gore are also seen throughout the movie, meaning that viewer discretion is advised.


Due to what we have discussed above, we rate this film with a 9.5/10. Amazing cinematography, great acting performances and a beautiful story of love and compassion. The Shape of Water deserves all its nominations and awards.


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