March 26, 2018

Red Sparrow [Movie Review]

Red Sparrow [Movie Review]

Jennifer Lawrence demostrares that nothing binds her

Past 2015 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, Francis Lawrence returns to direct a well intended female spy thriller movie. The movie is a book adaptation by Jason Matthews.

After suffering a horrible injury in a ballet number, Dominika (Jennifer Lawrence), must face a life decision in order to help her mother and herself, she decides to be a part of her uncle’s secret spy agency.

That entails that she endures even more psychological and overwhelming obstacles that any human would tolerate in order to get the mission done and be a patriot for the country, however are those action justified or is it simply shock value for the cinema?

In a era where the #MeToo movement evolves, do we need to see women or men, get sexually, mentally and emotionally abused for the cost of nationalism, do we need to see the bodies of innocent beings torn apart for entertainment; it depends on how the story handles those situaciones, on what context is it used for and does the character has justice in one form or another. This movie tries to gives us that.

Jennifer Lawrence really owns this part; she showcases vulnerability in the toughest environment while maintaining a firm character and she demonstrates that she can go beyond in the right circumstances, hopefully others might see that point of view.

On the story itself, it contains few surprises and twists that you wouldn’t notice until it’s revealed.

The music by James Newton Howard is good and well fitted for the story, it will bring out the inner spy fantasy when you’re walking around the town, hopefully without all the negative baggage.

Hopefully you can get to enjoy this film and keep on advocating for quality film-making.


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