November 9, 2017

Mother! [Review]

Mother! [Review]

SPOILER ALERT! We may discuss details not seen on trailers. You have been warned.



What a confusing movie to watch, if the viewer doesn’t know what each character represents beforehand. Mother! symbolizes the struggle of Nature with the human kind, being destroyed and humiliated to the very core. It tries to show the audience how Mother Nature really feels like, through Jennifer Lawrence’s character, while #JavierBardem plays both God and the wreckless behavior of humans.


#JenniferLawrence outdid herself on this one, giving a dramatic buffet of emotions so beautifully and artistically. Javier Bardem playing the dark side of people does an awesome work as well, making the viewers feel anger towards our own selves for anything we may have done towards our environment. The same can be said about #EdHarris and #MichellePfeiffer, gifting the movie with solid performances as always.


The film itself doesn’t do much to explain many of the “weird” things that happen on screen. Therefor, the audience might get lost in many parts of the film if they don’t really know what’s going on. It is better to know a little bit about the movie and its plot before seeing it, to appreciate the story, the performances and symbolisms in a better way.


Due to what we have discussed above, we rate this film with an 8.5/10. Great acting, clever symbolism and story, but lack of explanation and helping the audience understand what’s really going on.


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