February 22, 2018

Lady Bird [Movie Review]

Lady Bird [Movie Review]

The fantastical and familiar story of the film Lady Bird


Greta Gerwig solo directorial and written debut is for everyone; you don’t have to be a white teenager from Sacramento, California to identify with the all too familiar journey and struggles of finding out who you are.

In the first scene, we appreciate the beauty of the writing that encompasses the whole story of the film; first we see how peacefully Lady Bird (Saoirse Ronan) and her mother, Marion (Laurie Metcalf), sleep and then a small interaction; Lady Bird asks if she looks like she’s from Sacramento and her mother rightfully says that she is from there and alerts that they’re ready to go home.

The rest of the film we see how the story flourishes and goes beyond that first scene, this is what a good opening scene would do in any movie. You set up the general premise and grow upon that.

In one instance Lady Bird wishes that she wants to live through something, desiring some excitement, craving to fill a void that she thinks she has, but her mother smartly states that she’s currently is, her own life. And that is the beauty of this film, nothing extremely happens in the plot just the occurrences that a teenager could face; relationships, sex, love and their worth.

Many of us have felt that we don’t belong in the place we come to know first, our home, however, we don’t recognize at first how important and vital those experiences and surroundings helps us become who we are in the coming future. This film states the value of our roots.

The relationship between Lady Brid and her mother is a template of how many of us go through similar experiences with our parents, not explicitly, but their universal truth. Their relationship is the anchor that sustains this story.

In all the film Lady Bird is unique, beautiful, and heartfelt as the character itself; the performances shimmer, the directing glistens, and the writing is funny and truth-telling.

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