November 17, 2017

Justice League [Review]

Justice League [Review]

SPOILER alert! We may discuss topics and details from the film not known to audiences. You have been warned.


The iconic and well-known superheroes from DC Comics finally come together, to battle an enemy coming from another dimension, planning to destroy Earth (don’t they all?). The SFX put in every battle sequence are quite nice, providing these beloved heroes with power and coolness. #Batman (#BenAffleck), #WonderWoman (#GalGadot) and #Superman (HenryCavill) return to this film to light some blown-out candles as the movie progresses, giving fans some chills when this trinity appears together on screen. New characters like #TheFlash (#EzraMiller, such a funny guy), #Aquaman (#JasonMomoa, with an awesome underwater Atlantis battle) and #Cyborg (#RayFisher, great performance, showing this character’s pain) come to shine altogether as the metahumans for so long searched for by Bruce Wayne after Superman’s death in #BVS. We also have to mention #JKSimmons as #CommissionerGordon for the first time, rocking that mustache. It was a good to see #AmyAdams, #DianeLane, #ConnieNielsen and #JeremyIrons reprising their roles of #LoisLane, #MarthaKent, #QueenHippolyta and #AlfredPennyworth as well. And it’s this big reunion factor that makes the movie iconic and visually neat. Fans for sure might be excited over this fact, after waiting for so long to see the #JusticeLeague team up in a live-action film.

Visually, the sets and effects look great (like The Flash’s lightning effects and that first sequence at the beginning of the film where Batman is fighting the #Parademon on the rooftop in #GothamCity, that was amazing to watch). It could be compared to the particularity of the pages of a comic book, TV Series or video game. #DannyElfman did good in hinting some of those classic themes from the solo movies, like the Wonder Woman theme and the classic 1989 Batman theme. Although, I would’ve preferred a little more of those hints, but that’s just a matter of opinion.

Seeing the team combine their strengths to fight Steppenwolf (voiced by #CiaranHinds) was quite the spectacle and very fun to watch. The acting was amusing and solid, giving these characters the personalities audiences enjoy (with some tweaks from #ZackSnyder or #JossWhedon, or the actors/actresses).


The story of the Justice League has a number of flaws, like the lack of character development, more time to explain the plot and what’s going on, the stakes, etc.

Steppenwolf: where does this villain come from, what does he want, who is his leader (obviously Darkseid, but it’s not explained in the movie itself), this character wasn’t given much of a personality either (he even sounded like Megatron), with cliched lines and a dumb outfit. The CGI on him was quite the distraction, just like Henry Cavill’s digitally smudged mustache (eww). Warner Bros. and DC should really reconsider making their villains all CGI-based.

“Over Sexualized” Women: one may argue about this part, but there are some elements that might be an itch to some people about the over sexualizing of female characters in the film. For example, the Amazons wearing “lighter” outfits during their battles with Steppenwolf (lighter clothing after they almost got all killed during that fight scene in the Wonder Woman solo film during World War II?), The Flash landing on Wonder Woman’s breasts as a “joke”, Aquaman only commenting about her “physical attributes” after accidentally sitting on the Lasso of Truth, among other things that have been pointed out and could be quite true if analyzed so. One may even say that these female characters might not be depicted as strong and independent as they should be, like Lois Lane for example.

The Story: developed too soon, went by too quickly and there wasn’t much of an explanation for the audience to understand what was at risk here, each character’s worries and thoughts on the matter, no psychology (a no-brainer to be more precise). The movie may also have too many jokes, although this is a matter of taste and opinion as well.


Due to what we have discussed above, we rate this movie with a 7.5/10. The actors/actresses playing these characters make this film fun and entertaining, proving  to be a must to DC fans’ movie collection. And since the movie doesn’t dive much into details, the ones who do know about each character’s background won’t have any trouble with it. But viewers who are not familiarized with all the easter eggs and hints to the backgrounds and stories thrown in here, might have trouble accepting and understanding what’s being given to them.


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