November 4, 2017

Jigsaw [Review]

Jigsaw [Review]

SPOILER ALERT! We may discuss topics and details appearing on this film and on this film series.


#Jigsaw comes filled with buckets of blood and gore for all the fans out there, desperate to see “The Jigsaw Killer” deadly games and his cult continuing his horrid work. However, the story lacks depth and only serves as an excuse to keep this long line of movies keep on going. It is known that the #Saw franchise has the habit of using particular twists and bringing characters back from the dead, again to keep the series alive. There is no exception in this one, for its purpose is to bring a new “follower”, a new protege of John Kramer. The ending might be a bit confusing, maybe disappointing to some, while for the fans may be just another chapter.

Meanwhile, if you’re just looking for some disgust, blood and victims screaming, this might entertain you. Due to what we have discussed above, we rate this movie with a 6/10.

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