February 20, 2018

Black Panther [Movie Review]

Black Panther [Movie Review]

Let me start by saying that this review may spoil some parts of the story for those of you who have not seen the movie. Or if you’re like me and have either read the comics or don’t mind spoilers then read on!

Are you sure?

Story and Journey

It starts with a wonderful flying trip, setting the scene and showing the beauties of nature. But the real beauty of this film is the story. Solid, incredibly constructed plot of which none of it can be considered missing. To be honest, out of all of #Marvel ‘s films. This has to be the best story, and all around, the film of their cinematic universe. Starting with #ChadwickBoseman ‘s top performance and all of his accompanying cast, this film is definitely one for the books.

The villain played by #MichaelBJordan is almost as great as Chadwick’s performance. Giving a top notch character a run for his money as his almost equally strong opponent. **That fight gets to you**

Visual quality

Almost as a parallel to the advanced technology of #Wakanda this film’s visuals were more than just effects. All of the action shots and flying battles were a delight to see and enjoy. The holograms were incredibly thought through, proving that the Wakandans are much more ahead of other countries. All the details in the #vibranium reactions with other matter were superb; let alone the way that vibranium was integrated into the suit. Overall the photography of this film was pleasing to the eye, showing nature and human creation to be equals. (We should learn from this).

Creation of a franchise

Marvel has its hands full. If you ask me, #BlackPanther should be given all of the levels of importance as if it were #IronMan or #Thor – I say this because of the way that #RyanCoogler was able to create a standalone-feel within an ever-expanding universe. Much of the elements of this film should be incorporated into the future of the #MCU . Most importantly the solidity of the story. (Yes, I said that already, it really is solid).

As a comic book fan, Black Panther as a character has so much more to offer. I truly believe that it should be shown in these next films and I cannot imagine the next Black Panther to be done by another director. *fingers crossed*

All around great film

Social and political themes are definitely something that the general public have been mentioning. Now, I won’t go into much detail but I will say this: the writers were careful in interweaving these topics within the story in a way that most people won’t notice explicitly but will, however, have an effect subconsciously into each and every one of us. I, for one, came out of the theater with a sense of belonging and responsibility in this crazy world.

Back to the film.

I have to rate it a 10/10. I always rate the films I watch by asking myself this simple question. Would I watch it again? This is one of those films. A must-see.

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