May 10, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War [Movie Review]

Avengers: Infinity War [Movie Review]

We’ve let you watch it, maybe even 5 times. So we can all about the spoilers and details that we need to discuss.

Thanos and his heart

By far one of the greatest villains ever to be taken to the big screen in Marvel’s history, Thanos is the guy to beat. But! This time he’s actually the good guy. Wait, what?!

Yes, the Russo Brothers decided to make us, the audience, go insane internally and intentionally by having this whole masterpiece of a film focus on the ‘hero’ Thanos. It’s confusing, I know, but essentially what they did was have him be the hero in this film and have us almost feel bad for him. We feel his pain throughout the search of the stones and his reasoning behind it all was right to a point.

Leaving us hanging

As most of you, we hope, stayed for the tradition end credits scene, we have been assured by the Marvel creative team that there will indeed be a next Avengers film. You might say, duh, why would they do that; and you’re right.

The best part is what they told us with the help from Nick Furry and his almost full on catchphrase, 😂 we see a beeper (90s kids!!) With a symbol probably unknown by many. But we can tell you, it’s Captain Marvel’s symbol. So yes, that one is also coming to theaters next year, as of right now it’s to be released before Avengers 4 (which is still filming as we speak).

Who dies?!

Easy, ask Mark Ruffalo. I won’t specifically say who goes, but you’ll at least tear up for one or two of them. But remember, the soul stone does crazy things. Think about imagery and colors in the scene after the finger snap.

To end this, #Thanos is insane.

Avengers: Infinity War is a clear 9/10 borderline 10. Go watch it again if you must, remember we have to wait a whole year. As always stay tuned or more reviews and posts from us! Thanks for following us on social media #Fotoblogic

-Alex G


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