April 10, 2018

A Quiet Place [Movie Review]

A Quiet Place [Movie Review]

Horror is a space for innovation and A Quiet Place demonstrates it.

If you want to see a glossed over setup, half crafted scares, and reductive narrative, then A Quiet Place is not for you.

This is a intense, tension build, an ever-escalating story that showcases a well thought out trama that makes you fall for the family and gets you very anxious if anything remotely makes a sound since the creatures will annihilate anything that does. If you like suffering from anxiety and get your blood pressuring then this movie is for you.

In this post-apocalyptic world where perhaps an alien invasion or scientific error has caused the world to suffer great turmoil, what remains of humanity had to reinvent their lives and try to live in silence to survive.

A Quiet Place centers on the lives of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s characters family; we get to be involved with them and get emotionally attached from the very shocking beginning.

The story takes it’s time to develop the characters and gives us information in a organic fashion; the screenplay is very thought out and the family drama is key to the story. The tension comes from the vulnerability and the care we have created for this family and the payoff is beautifully executed.

One would think that a movie that would be mostly silent would have trouble keeping this modern audience engage but it shows when you put effort into the story you will have anyone hooked.

Sign language is used here as a smart resource, also one of the characters is deaf, which is a clever way to use the language for the world they are living in and gives the opportunity for a broader cinematic experience. When the few instances that we hear the characters speak, it’s heartbreaking.

Kids are becoming more serious and round out characters in television and cinema, and with the stellar performance from actress Millicent Simmonds who is deaf, it’s a great opportunity for actors and characters with disabilities for much-needed quality representation.

I cannot praise this film enough and their genius for crafting a story like this, the ending would leave you gasping and wanting more.

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