November 25, 2017

5 Habits That Will Make You A Great Filmmaker

5 Habits That Will Make You A Great Filmmaker

So you want to make your next short film?

Doubtful on what things you need to know to do so?

We’re giving you 5 Habits your filmmaking skills should include to always have as much success as possible when filming.

Here we go:

  1. Always label your takes

           Use a clapper/marker, or a piece of paper (if you’re low budget) to label your clips for better editing.

       2. Always carry a second or third battery. 

            Never go into a filming day without a backup battery nor a charger. You never want to be without your most important tool.

       3. Space. Space. More space.

           Always carry spare memory cards, hard drives, and memory cards. Yes, I said that twice.

       4. Save your work. (Ctrl-S or Command-S)

           This goes for post-production, but it also can be directed towards importing raw footage from your film days. Always save your work, as much as possible.

       5. Buy a reflector/diffuser disc. Bring it with you.

            Honestly, it’s definitely in the top 5 items you should bring to your filming day. You never know when the sun goes bright on you, or vice-versa. 

We hope these habits help you on your next film day. Let us know if you used our tips or have any suggestions that you found that work for you.

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-Alex G



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