Atomic Blonde [Review]



What a wonderful movie to see, witnessing #CharlizeTheron with all her powerful moves striking her enemies and she fulfills her mission as a spy. In the middle of the #ColdWar, the amazing colors of this dark era in Berlin are reflected in every single moment of this awesome film. The soundtrack is remarkable and outstanding, providing some covers on 80’s successes and synthesized beats. #JamesMcCavoy does a great performance as well, proving to be a double-face agent causing a lot of trouble to Charlize and her “allies”. ¬†Everybody’s looking for a list, that could extend the Cold War for many years, proving to be quite a deadly headache for Lorraine Broughton (Theron).


Every single fight scene and action sequence is mesmerizing, including a very long shot that kept rolling for about 13-17 minutes. It was for sure a challenge, but it was stunningly made with finesse. The colors of the wardrobe, the sets and those edited in post production gave this masterpiece a cold yet beautiful touch. The fashion styles were on point and everything seemed to fit right in place. Charlize Theron’s acting performance so perfectly intense yet delicate, as the Academy Award Winner always gifts each film she is in. James McCavoy with his wicked performance, and #SofiaBoutella giving us her best, with #JohnGoodman and #TobyJones as the ones getting the story from Theron’s character at an interrogation room. And the controversial sex scene included in the film proves to be quite steamy and greatly done.

Due to what we have pointed out above, we rate this movie with a 9.5/10 or even a 10/10. Great acting performances, stunning visuals and cinematography, awesome soundtrack and superb story, and let’s not forget about that 13-17 minute action sequence. #AtomicBlonde is a beautiful film worth your time and money.

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