Valerian & The City Of A Thousand Planets [Review]


Careful! This review could contain spoilers from the movie not seen on trailers.  You have been warned.


The visuals and animations of this film are beautiful, building huge worlds and perfect landscapes to accompany the actors #DaneDehaan and #CaraDelevigne on their journey to save an entire race threatened to be destroyed. The costume design was fantastic, accompanied by some great character designs and funny moments. The music did its job and set the tone of every atmosphere, making the viewers appreciate what was on screen.


The story itself was clichéd and constantly deviating from the main plot, something that seemed like the script writers ran out of ideas for the main goal and just added trouble for the characters to deal with, fixing (not really) the “running out of ideas” issue. Monsters appeared out of nowhere to get #Valerian and #Laureline out of their course all the time, adding unnecessary subplots to the film instead of focusing on the important things. Concentrating on what happened to the endangered species and the reasons why they were being attacked was more important than exploring other areas. Of course, the movie does mesmerize us with amazing visuals and costume design. The acting was good, but there are not any hugely memorable moments given by these actors. Maybe the storyline has to do with that, since even their lines were a bit “odd” or just more of what we’ve already seen before.


Due to what we’ve discussed above, we rate this movie with an 8/10. The amazing visuals and costume design was on point. There isn’t much to complain about the acting either. Even though the story is weak, audiences will enjoy everything else provided by this film.

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Photo credit: Vikram Gounassegarin © 2016 VALERIAN SAS Ð TF1 FILMS PRODUCTION

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