Spider-Man: Homecoming [Review]



#TomHolland did a wonderful job giving life to this new version of #PeterParker, building a brilliant teenager with his dorky side into the awesome #SpiderMan. #MichaelKeaton with his massive metal wings made from Chitauri metals and serious family issues, did very good playing #Vulture. With menacing stares and an evil determination to get money on his pocket, fighting anybody who would get in the way. #MarissaTomei and #Zendaya give us a break from the previously seen roles, with a fresh and funny performance. Parker’s friend, played by #JacobBatalon, added balance to the superhero, assisting him whenever danger was nearby.

Even though great actors were cast and some solid decisions where made story wise, the film is too long, has too much Iron Man in it, and there is just too much humor involved.


The importance and relevance given to Iron Man aka Tony Stark was too much. Everything lead to him, even Spider-Man’s overpowered suit. There were moments in which the movie seemed like a pedestal to show how powerful this guy is, instead of the star of the film.  Marvel better be careful on who they put their focus on in their stories, because I don’t think it’s very smart to add too much of another superhero in another superhero’s movie. Even Peter Parker was made a little bit weak, despite being bitten by a genetically engineered spider and gifting him powers. We got influence of the billionaire on quite too many things like: DODC (Department of Damage Control), villains’ inspiration to start life on crime, Spider-Man’s suit, Parker’s new father figure and hero mentor, etc.


It has been criticized that whenever the MCU has a dramatic moment, they have to ruin it by adding something to make you laugh and forget about what’s seriously going on. It is very important to keep the tone and message of the moment, but not cut it off and erase the importance of such scene. It happens here too, the humor is pushed on every corner throughout the entire film, (not to mention the sour taste with that end credits scene with Capt. America). It is totally acceptable and enjoyable that movies have funny scenes or moments to release the stress of tension, or every once in a while. This was more like one big joke than a superhero film, with humor exploited too much. We can thank Wonder Woman for showing us how perfect and balanced a superhero movie can be (Take notes Marvel). Even kids at the theater were telling their parents to take them home, because they were bored, and this is a fact.


Due to what has been discussed above, I rate this movie with a 6/10. Great performances from Tom Holland, Michael Keaton and Marisa Tomei, some cool visuals and costume designs, but it was too long, too “funny” and looked like an Iron Man 4 movie. Hope they give Spider-Man’s true potential in future installments, and get some seriousness Marvel: Not everything depends on forced funny moments.

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