Baby Driver [Review]



What an amazing #movie, causing the spectator to thrilled and lifted by every scene, perfectly cut to the rythm of every song carefully put onto each minute of the #film. #AnselElgort and #LilyJames romance was amazingly crafted, with 80’s vibes filling the air and teleporting us back to those beautiful movie magic times. #KevinSpacey and the criminal gang did an awesome job portraying these bad guys, with fun and very entertaining action sequences included.  There is so much detail on the editing, especially matching the music with every cut and movement happening 90% of the movie, and the coloring of each shot gives us a visual feast.  It has a lot of comedy, but also a lot of tension and drama going on. It’s a perfect balance of everything we’ve seen, but brought back with a beautiful lens and story. The soundtrack is also very fun and carefully picked by the director and editors, pumping the action and not leaving space for boredom. Needless to say, the entire cast was phenomenal, with the talents of #JamieFoxx, #JonHamm and #EizaGonzalez.


Due to what we’ve discussed above, we rate #BabyDriver with a 10/10.  Perfect movie for a date, enjoying yourself or with the family (careful with children though. It has some bloody scenes and intense action sequences).


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