Transformers: The Last Knight [Review]



With new additions like Sir Anthony Hopkins and old characters returning, such as Mark Wahlberg, this film incorporates a new perspective on history. Using the famous tale of Camelot, Excalibur and Merlin, the movie starts with a HUGE lovable show.  Although, as it progresses, it becomes slow and maybe pushing its jokes a bit too much. It’s a fun movie to watch, but it may have needed more work in the editing room to fix the pacing, better character development and story.


Anthony Hopkins adds a lot of quality to it all, making his scenes very enjoyable, funny and memorable. His transformer butler, Cogman, steals the show with a lot of humor and its incredible visual composition (maybe similar to C-3PO, but definitely more evolved). At some parts, the acting from the rest of the cast was a bit “pushed” or too dramatic, feeling like watching a Soap Opera rather than a movie.

The story starts fantastically, with a drunk Merlin (the amazing Stanley Tucci), who doesn’t possess any powers until given a “magical” technological weapon known as The Staff. The whole prologue was very fun and interesting to watch, making us hope the producers and writers would stick to this storyline and keep telling us more about Merlin and King Arthur’s adventures with the Transformers. The main villain, Quintessa, was very underdeveloped but had a mesmerizing CGI work done to her. Let’s wish they develop her more in future movies, since she was left alive to cause more trouble, as seen on the credits scene.


The whole movie is a “wow”, if we stick to the visuals and CGI effects done by the hardworking team of visual artists.  It’s a wonder to watch all of these massive alien robots fighting each other with their unique weapons and personalities. The sets where also computer-enhanced, transporting the viewer to the battlefield and feeling the thrill of the chase. We have to highlight the London sequence, being the second best one if we count the Merlin prologue.

Due to what we have discussed above, we rate this movie with a 5.5/10.  It might be fun to watch, but needed a lot of work on the pacing, the story and its characters. Although, we have to give kudos to Anthony Hopkins, Cogman and the film’s visual effects.


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