Wonder Woman [Review]


SPOILER ALERT!  We may discuss important topics from the story and film. You have been warned, proceed with caution if you don’t want to be spoiled or haven’t seen the movie.



What a spectacular movie this is, so enjoyable and fun. #GalGadot for sure gave her best here, proving to be even more talented than what she already is and giving us all those delicious emotions that we are able to enjoy on the big screen. Her work is done with such finesse and delicacy, bringing this famous comic book hero like we’ve never seen her before. #PattyJenkins, what a wonderful director, creating a golden film filled with so many important messages that our society desperately needs right now. As it has been said before, one of the most important things this movie teaches us is the true meaning of feminism: that we’re all equal and capable of many great heroic actions or total destruction. It also focuses on how our actions can have such wonderful or deadly repercussions. Audiences can expect to see more of this wondrous female hero, for she now resides inside each viewer’s heart and soul.


#ChrisPine joins this perfect ensemble to help our heroine fight the greatest threats of World War I, including three new villains brought to the table. The chemistry between these two is so magical and emotional, it emanates a beautiful energy that is felt by everyone who’s watching them . Their acting performances are astounding, the best ones to date by these actors.

Needless to say, every actor in this movie gave their best, making every scene interesting and energetic. Wonder Woman’s story is explained very well, with an adventurous and fun perspective.


Even though the main conflict might be the war itself, the package comes with three antagonists: Dr. Poison, Ludendorff and Ares. They don’t get much screen time, but it felt right for them, as they serve their purpose without deviating from the main point: it’s wonder woman’s story.

Dr. Poison and Ludendorff worked together, creating a deadly poison for soldiers to use in combat during the war, although this weapon would kill both the attacker and victim. Both made a perfect classic villain duo, similar to the ones seen in comic books, with some clichéd but fantastic lines, delivered on the right trick. Ares is the one to blame for all the trouble happening in the story, killing almost all of the greek gods for not agreeing with his plans: killing mankind. At the end, there’s an epic battle between both gods, since it is revealed that Diana of Themyscira is a goddess herself, created by Zeus to defend Earth from threats like the god of war. We do get Ares’ iconic armor made from metal scraps, but it may not be his official outfit. Even though #DavidThewlis did a good job on Ares, there’s still much to do and see from this iconic character.


Every moment in this film is so enjoyable and sweet, especially Gal Gadot’s parts. It’s like watching a classic film, with all that beauty and cleverness that made it so BIG and memorable. It is definitely a movie for everyone and for all ocasions.

Even sexuality is handled softly and with care, not exposing too much, just enough to give us the hint. Such a great movie this is, captivating audiences with all the magic it has to offer.


Due to what we’ve discussed above, we rate this movie with a 9.5/10, maybe even a 10/10. Go watch female director Patty Jenkin’s #WonderWoman and Gal Gadot kick ass, do justice and make you fall in love with her beautiful acting performance as the remarkable superheroine.


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