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Jason Drucker stars in Twentieth Century Fox’s “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul”, also starring Alicia Silverstone and Tom Everett Scott. With fresh new faces and another sequel to the Wimpy Kid franchise, you might think it could be another acceptable chapter of this family story. But it turns out to be quite silly, low budget-looking and uninteresting. Although, it discusses some values like the importance of family time and bondage, it definitely doesn’t do much to this downfall of the series. Needless to say, it does have some fun moments, but just not enough to make this movie a thrilling one.


Even short films with low budget look better than this messy film, perhaps too dumb to be real. And the real problems come with the script, a rushed writing and lack of new elements, seems like it was written on last minute for a class. Even at the beginning of the film, you can feel the vibe of an uninspired creation, that made it to the theater just to collect audiences’ money. Even though some chuckles might escape from your mouth, what’s really troublesome here is you might catch yourself making fun of the movie, instead of laughing from the good narrative and execution of the whole cast. It has so many jokes involving excrement, pointing to a desperate attempt to make the viewers laugh by force through poorly delivered jokes. It might be a family film, but it is essentially meant to be watched at home if you have nothing else to see.

Due to the points discussed above, we rate this movie with a 4/10. With pushed humor, uninspiring acting performances and poor uninventive writing, it’s a movie to be watched at home. Be warned: viewers might laugh more from this film’s deficiency, rather than from what happens through the story as it unfolds.

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-Jess O. Rubio


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