Alien: Covenant (Review)


SPOILER ALERT!  This review contains major spoilers from the new film!  You have been warned.


The “ALIEN” franchise has been a long one throughout the years, scaring and entertaining audiences with success. This one is particular builds all that tension and dark tone we all love, providing new actors with strong performances and new elements to the table.  The viewer might actually feel isolated and threatened through the darkness of space and its wild threats: the Aliens and its derivatives. While it combines the old with the new, it works greatly altogether.


As you might know, the genius synthetic character from “Prometheus”, called David (played by Michael Fassbender), gets to ruin another day on this one. The protagonists of this film in particular, fall prey to a new discovered planet full of many evolutions of the Aliens, shown before in previous movies. Apparently, the events on Prometheus led David and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw to this same place. And of course, who better than him to have helped these aggressive creatures evolve and grow, while also realizing experiments on them. He used the doctor as a vessel for one of the monsters (evidently killing her during the birth of one of them). With the help of this new crew that just arrived on this ravaged land, or more like his victims, this evil fabricated-by-man robot begins to execute a large sinister plan. For it is very obvious, that this guy believes he’s a god, seeing the aliens as his perfect creations and going on a killing spree. And thanks to Michael, we get to love and despise him very quickly through the entire film. Oh, and guess what?  We’ll have him wrecking havoc for yet another sequel.


The CGI Aliens were greatly designed, with some cool visuals that might get you nervous when these creatures appear on screen. The new world looks amazing, with a large destroyed citadel making its first appearance, filling us with questions on how previous life on this huge place might’ve been. Even the Covenant spaceship has a way of getting into your head with some chilling feels.


Yes, Covenant is just the follow-up of Prometheus, with a 10 year gap diving the previous film’s events and this one’s. Apparently, these two are just the beginning of more sequels to come (who wouldn’t have guessed that coming a mile away). But then again, seeing Fassbender carrying out his amazing magic through David, makes everyone ask for more, to see what else could this “real monster” be up to next.

Due to the points discussed above, we rate this movie with a 9/10.  It is enjoyable, has an interesting approach, and David will for sure entertain you with his robotic-psychotic madness.

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-Jess O. Rubio

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