Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Review)


SPOILER ALERT!! This review contains major spoilers of the film. You have been warned.


One of the most anticipated movies of the year, for sure. Guardians of the Galaxy had a huge impact on audiences when the first one came out. But now that Vol. 2 is out, will it have the same vibe or capacity to dive deep into people’s hearts? Well, this one is quite different, as it concentrates a lot on some of the characters and how their relationships are. Although, it is visually beautiful, the story itself may be a little bit of a let down.


As it is the usual in Marvel movies, the visuals on these films are amazing. They’re vibrant, striking and full of life, best enjoyed if you see them in 3D actually. The set design was superb and the CGI creatures were incredibly realistic (something that is deeply enjoyed for sure).


If we compare the first movie with this one, the story went down a little bit. It is full of clichés and moment that we’re not familiar yet with this new Cinematic Universe from Marvel. Actually, this might be the most “emotionally-dramatic” Marvel film ever, and maybe it was too much. The story itself is mainly focused on Starlord’s family, and how he finds “his father”, getting to know him and exploring his past. There are some subplots to the story: The Ravagers and the Sovereign (something I think the audience would’ve found more ‘satisfying’, maybe). But instead, they made this whole tear-pusher film, with pushed jokes and a boring (more of the same) main plot with how Starlord’s father is evil and wants to, once again, control the universe or destroy it. Of course, some parts talked a little bit more about Gamora and Nebula’s relationship, which was quite enjoyable, exploring these areas. And how a major villain (Yondu) turned out to be a better father figure to Starlord than his real one ever was. But maybe this was something that didn’t quite click, due to the goal of this film. Instead of being all about the fun, it turned out to be a bit depressing, and way too dramatic. Even the famous humor found in Guardians of the Galaxy might not change the facts.

For future films, Marvel should be careful on how much drama they put inside their cinematic material, for one of the most appreciated things on these movies is the amount of fun they always establish. Kids love them, and a good story definitely will get to everyone, if it is executed the right way. For now, this one is more of the same, with a father issue and the same “gonna destroy the universe through you” kind of thing. Visually great, enjoyable acting performances, but that’s about it.


Although the music is enjoyable, their picks were not the best. After all, the first one marked the audience with a great music choice, good story, and their cool cinematography/special effects. But for this one, even the music wasn’t the highlight movie goers might have been expecting.

Due to the points expressed above, I rate this movie with a 7/10.

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