Before Writing Your Script


Everything requires some work, some planning before engaging onto something. Same goes with scriptwriting, for it is recommendable to throw all your ideas on the table and then a few more steps to achieve success. Let’s start with some basic steps.

STEP 1: Stay Calm & Drink Some Coffee

In order for everything to flow the right way, it’s recommendable to be relaxed and concentrated. Drink some coffee or anything that gives you some good durability during the process, for it can be a little tricky or tiresome.  Get some inspiration, inject the famous “muse” on your system. Relax, take a nice deep breath and start breaking your ideas into more mini ideas.

STEP 2: Breaking Point

Create some sort of panel or group discussion, ask your friends or colleagues to help you out on this one.  For your story to work better, create every possibility or outcome that could happen on your story.  Every curve or roads that could come with every decision each one of your character makes, and how Life or destiny may forge a different path or put some barriers on your hero or heroin’s road, for him/her to go through.  Everything counts, don’t throw away any ideas, as a matter of fact, keep them there.  You never know what might work as the story progresses.

STEP 3: Do Some Research

It doesn’t matter what your topic is, it’s very recommendable to do some research.  Whether it’s your location, some history, legends or myths, some psychology or science, always get your things straight before getting too creative with your story.  For there must be an explanation to everything that happens in your story.  If you’re creating a world, make it real, don’t venture so deep into things without fading from reality too much.  Remember, the audience enjoys feeling identified with the story or characters.  If you can, create some sort of small library for all your research, just in case you have any doubts or need to go back onto something you read.  It’s important to have all that material in hand, it makes your work a lot easier.

Those are some of the things you should consider as a scriptwriter before getting into your story.  Of course, each person has his/her own way of doing their job.  But these three steps will help anyone out to build their stories better and more organized.  Hope you enjoyed these tips before getting into writing! Feel free to comment or like our posts!

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– Jess O. Rubio

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I'm an actor, cinematographer and editor. I enjoy writing scripts and taking these stories to the big screen. I usually compose music for my films or by request. Currently have a blog on YouTube to share some laughs with the audience. There's nothing more beautiful than to share someone's world with an audience on the big screen, and nothing more fulfilling than to be able to bring a character to life. The secret is how you tell the story.