Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer (Review)



After so long waiting for the new anticipated Star Wars film to show us something more , it’s a teaser! But don’t get your expectations so high, or you might just get a bit disappointed. For it’s just that, a teaser, and you may not get your mind blown.


It starts with all the mystery that this franchise has always given us, but all it really shows us are images of things we have already seen before in other films. There are no really memorable shots used, no breathtaking moments. And the end, when Luke Skywalker gives his final line of dialogue, all they show us is an obscured image of him standing at the entrance of a cave (we can’t even see if it’s really him or not). It looks more like an indie film teaser trailer than one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

Let’s hope that their next attempt on the trailer, we get some epic and mesmerizing footage to make us get even more excited to finally watch this film on the big screen.

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 – Jess O. Rubio

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