Ghost In The Shell (Review)


SPOILER ALERT!  We may discuss topics from the movie not shown in trailers.


The visual effects of this movie make it so memorable, I dare to compare its epicness with that of other sci fi movies like Blade Runner or The Fifth Element.  The set design was spectacular, just as the costume and graphic design was amazing.  The audience for sure, captivated in this neon-enhanced future, will be delighted with the whole production of this great film.


The topics of this great film, based on the anime of the same name, makes everyone question their humanity: what is humanity even? In an era of cyber-enhancement and mixing the mechanical with the biological, you can assume everyone’s looking for immortality (not far from reality I believe).  From the start, you can feast your eyes with Mira’s creation, her brain being implanted inside a new cybernetic body.  Scarlett Johansson’s performance is one to remember, as she embodies this cyborg of epic proportions. Unfortunately, she discovers that things are not as they seem, specially with her creators, thank God for the ‘glitches’.  As Mira battles to “fit” in a human world, while inhabiting a robotic body, she learns to be more human than those surrounding her.  Resulting on her becoming more human, among the inhumane cybernetic World.


The music seems very fitting for a futuristic ambience like this one.  This world is a little messy, dirty, but also beautiful.  It’s a bit heavy, with holograms filling the air, or the tiny spaces left between each skyscraper.  The work done with the graphic design of every scene is beautiful, appreciation is truly needed with the large amount of great shots taken with this film.  The story arc is good, but there are no huge”wow’s” to say about that aspect, it’s more about the visuals and Scarlett’s performance.  Let’s say some things may be familiar to some of the audience.

I rate this visually beautiful film with a 9/10, for it’s tremendous visual work and beautiful cinematography.  Hope you enjoy this film, as I did.

Feel free to like and comment your opinion, whether you agree or disagree with our review.  Have a nice day, and take a trip to the cinema to watch this awesome film.  Stay tuned for more Film Reviews coming soon.

– Jess O. Rubio

Film Maker & Actor

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  • It’s a nice attempt at rebooting a classic. I enjoyed it. Although I had to not think of the original for this one to feel enjoyable.