Power Rangers (2017) Review


Spoiler Alert Warning! We’ll be discussing topics from the film that may reveal parts of the movie not shown in trailers.


Everyone’s hyped for this new CGI-Filled production, bringing old fans and new comers alike. But there’s a big possibility this movie won’t get moviegoers very happy with it. From bad acting to a rushed storyline, the return of the Power Rangers is anything, but powerful.

It all starts with these five outcast teenagers, whose paths cross by destiny, to save the world from the Ranger turned villain Rita Repulsa. But it all seems so rushed, right after 5 minutes of the movie passed by. These high school students find the spaceship, where Zordon and Alpha 5 have been waiting for the next Power Rangers to emerge and “save the World”. Everything seems ok, although cheesy. The first parts where the female villain (Elizabeth Banks) makes her screen appearance may be deemed cool and enjoyable. But then things begin to get cheesier and cheesier, until the audience may feel uninspired and rolling their eyes as they say: “Can this get any worse?”


Let’s start by saying how the Power Rangers are on Earth to save all Life on Earth, but suddenly they forget all the lives at stake while battling Repulsa’s army or rock-like monsters. They wreak havoc along with the minions, probably killing tons of civilians along the way. These teenagers also seem too ‘ok’ with killing, since they mention various times throughout the film how everything will be solved after eliminating the embodied threat. There’s no given time to see these characters evolve, go through the stages of how things really work, for example, accepting everything that’s going on: aliens, super powers, spaceships, killing, rock monsters and magic. There’s no real inspiration, no digging into these characters feelings as they struggle with all these things at the same time. Everything goes too superficial, falling into a cartoony category without much explanation, just eye candy of special effects and good looks.

Direction was a problem here, since the actors feel uninspired and there isn’t much screen time for real emotions to flourish on these five main characters. Super heroes without much of a backstory may cause things to fail, at least on this case. Everything was rushed, then some lines where so ‘cheesy’ and cliched, specially the villain ones…

Based on the circumstances, the score goes to 5/10. Yes, it might be one of those movies to rent and see with the family at home, but be warned, you may get bored or sleepy watching this film.


Please, feel free to comment and tell us what you think.  If you liked the movie or disliked it and agree with some of the points we just addressed.  Thank you for your time, until next time.

– Jess O. Rubio

Image courtesy of Lionsgate.

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  • jas

    I saw this one the day it premiered and was looking forward to it! Totally agree with how we didn’t get much time for digging in and character development. Effects were pretty cool and some of the acting was just “meh” in my opinion. Overall, I enjoyed it for a nice time out with friends but the movie itself was not too mindblowing!