Which Operating System should I use? – Editing


WINDOWS!! MAC!! LINUX?? Which Operating System?

Alright, so I’ve heard this question time and time again… Which operating system should I use? Which computer platform do I buy?

Those are both incredibly valid questions. Lets first touch on the topic of the operating system itself.

We first must set up that UNIX is the grandfather of all the commercially available operating systems. One of the closest relatives is Linux. However, there are hundreds (that I’ve counted, there should be even more out there) of variations of Linux. This one is probably the most interesting and challenging OS out there. We are closing in on a time where Linux variations are more and more out of the box compatible with the hardware that is sold to everyone.

I remember my father saying once:

Linux is the future.

Man was he right!

It must be clarified that Linux is not as universally compatible with every editing software package out there, but I have faith that this wont be for long. So for the time being I wont expressly recommend Linux to the public. Although, if you feel like you’re like me and like to tinker around with some command terminals, leave a comment below and I can send you in the right direction to a Windows-esque Linux distro that could interest you.

Back to business

Macintosh Operating System, or as it is known now (post-Jobs era) macOS is one of the two operating systems that have dominated the spectrum of modern computers. Originally the go-to OS for the film industry Mac has developed several software packages directed specifically for the film making industry.

Windows is its direct competitor. As much of us are aware, it was developed by Microsoft to be the most used OS in the short history of computers. While most would argue that it is not the most secure or stable OS out there, it is the most economic choice out there. Also most software companies tend to develop more for Windows as its market is far wider than Macs.


Mac has proprietary Editing¬†software that most users that own these computers can afford, as well as being able to buy Adobe Creative Suite if you’d rather use Premiere Pro instead of Final Cut Pro X. (Comparison post will come later).

Windows has the most software options for anyone that wants to start with the hobby or needs to save some bucks or as I recommend, built their own editing rig (working on a post about building your own editing station). On Windows you can go for several editing software: Sony Vegas (soon to stop development), Adobe Suite, AVID, and more.

So it’s up to the user, but there you have¬†my two cents for you to have a reference. If you have any more questions about which OS suits your specific needs, go ahead and comment below.

Stay tuned!


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