Should I shoot a Master?


Most of you are asking yourselves, “what in the world is a master?” Well a master in the film industry is quick name for a way of filming a movie that is the same throughout. 

Still clueless I bet. I was too.

For example: when most filmmakers shoot with a master, the master camera is usually placed in a location of the set where all of the action in the specific scene can be seen and enjoyed. These shots are useful to utilize in the editing process for ‘fill-in’ or to place between shots in order to create a versatility in the conversation or in the scene. This is a concept that is used in a variety of ways and is subject to experimentation for most. In most films changing in shots throughout a scene is the norm and has become one of most successful ways to create a multi-perspective feeling for the audience.

As always these are only but a series of suggestions to go by and do not express any form or rules to film. If you enjoy the use of our suggestions, please feel free to show us how you have used our tips in your own masterpieces.

Have you used a master to save your time and money when you’re in post? Let us know how useful shooting a master has been for you. 

-Alex G

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