Sound Effects for your next film


“Pow!” “Bang!” 

Yes, those are onomatopoeias, or a word that imitates the source of the sound that it describes. Most of us, while we watch a film, do not realize the work behind those gun shots, horses galloping, legs breaking, cars crashing sounds. We also feel like they are the real sounds being portrayed during the film. Some of them are recorded with boom mics and are indeed real. However, most sounds within a film are fabricated by foley artists.

Foley artists

Foley artists are crew members that work during the post-production phase of a film. They are geniuses in the world of assimilating sounds of random objects that create realistic effects on the screen. An example would be tapping coconut halves on a surface similar to the one on the scene to create the sound of horse(s) galloping by.

Using various kinds of objects allows editors to exaggerate action during a scene if the genre requires it. This creates, at times, scenes with a comedic accent or even a more serious action packed scene. Some of these sounds are pre-recorded and much of them can be purchased, thus creating less of a need to hire foley artists during each and every production.

What do you use for your sound effects? Leave your comment below.

– Alex G

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