Writing an engaging screenplay


Screenwriting is one of the processes of production that we normally take for granted; though it is an essential part of the creation of a film. Introducing a story or an idea into a script, involves a great deal of imagination, determination, and creativity. Bringing together the elements for a good script requires a good story, or plot. Having a story that engages your audience is the key to a successful film. This requires the following:

  • Organization
  • Engaging dialogue
  • Climax
  • Rising/Falling Action
  • Problem or Objective
  • Solution*

Those are only but a few of the elements that we suggest you to include in your script. *NOTE: Solution can always be tweaked and twisted to your own stylistic choices, you do not necessarily need a resolution to the problem, just make sure there is some sort of ending.

Other aspects of screenwriting include the determination of your own self. If you do not set yourself up to finish your script you cannot expect a complete product. All of the people who have gone through high school and upper education can agree that in English classes, we are given prompts that do not necessarily allow us creatives to express our true inventives. Courage is also an element that aids in this creative process, maybe not directly but it allows for us to completely put our creations out for others to critique and enjoy at the theatre or in their homes.

We definitely would suggest for you to use resources such as family members, friends, or anyone you trust, to help you with proofreading your script. Alternatively if you have a crew and are producing the film with a collaborator, you can discuss about the plot in unison.

Do not be afraid of rewrites, changes, and additions.

Changes to your script will occur and it will not stop until you have the final product on its way to projection or viewing.

Scriptwriting is the first of the many steps in film; if you have any questions or comments be sure to send them below.

-Alex G

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