Grow your audience! Quick start guide


This week’s post is focused on what to do with social media to help you grow your audience. Be aware that some of the items in this post are fairly obvious to some. I am writing this post because I want others to be able to have a great source of information regarding where and how to distribute their film or webseries.

Now there are many ways to grow your audience, but I will only hit a few of them. Enough intro…

Let’s say that you want to shoot a film, or you may have already done so. Fine. But who will watch it? That’s an issue. Where will you show it to people? Good question. Well you want to save money, so let’s use what we have at hand that everyone or at least a good chunk of the humans in our planet have. Social media, of course.


You will probably start by making a Facebook Page. Awesome… It’s pretty simple if you already know your way around Facebook, (if you don’t here’s the link to their Getting Started section). Make it pretty, upload good quality pictures (please do) If you need help on which format to export your images, we did a post about it. It’s a good idea to do this as you film or as you get ready to begin post-production. Don’t do it the minute before you release your film. A good way of bringing attention to your project is by building anticipation ahead of time.

Social Media is your audience vessel

Make a Twitter, (some people link the Facebook Page to the account, that’s fine… personally I like to keep them separate). Again, good quality pictures.

Tumblr is a great tool as well. Be sure to have friends reblog your posts to gain more followers and grow your network.

Important: YOUTUBE!! VIMEO!! These are your friends. They will be your source of comments, likes, dislikes, feedback. Please, do not let the negative comments hurt you. Instead, use them for your advantage to fix or maybe add something you had not thought of. Like the other social media, the highest quality video is key. You will get more views this way; and be creative, do behind the scenes interviews with your actors. Yes, link the videos to your Facebook Page, Twitter, Tumblr, all of them!

Of course there are other social media that I did not mention. Don’t hate me if I missed your favorite one, I tried to simplify this post as much as I could, but it’s long regardless.

As always thanks for reading.

-Alex G

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