Google Pixel camera news


Google has released their own phone, not to be confused by the previous Nexus line; they dubbed this iteration Pixel and Pixel XL. Boasting at 5 inches and 5.5 inches (respectively) these devices are made for the popular consumer. Thanks to TechCrunch, we have been able to see how far Google has been able to get in the camera market with a consumer phone. As we go through their review, we get to enjoy the various aspects of the Pixels camera that give Google the leading edge over the Apple iPhone 7 that was released recently. Overall the Pixel camera and its software clearly takes the lead over the iPhone except in the low-light category. The iPhone has been consistently overtaking this category thanks to the over sensitive sensor Apple integrates to the hardware.

We hope that if you have the Pixel, you can shoot us a comment below and tell us how it compares to any of your previous devices.


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